Preview Dialer


Preview Dialer is the simplest outbound dialing mechanism.

Preview Dialer is ideal for more complex sales where a bit of research about your customer is required to increase the chances of success. It offer the list of numbers to be called to Agent. It is up to the agent when to initiate the call or agent may also be able to skip to the next name on the list. Popup window displays required customer information to Agent so that they can be prepare to handle the call.

This dialer mode empowers agents to ensure the positive customer response.

  • In Preview mode, Agent can access the list of customerís which are to be contacted.
  • Agent have complete control over call dialing.
  • Dialer offers time to Agent for viewing the customer information & their previous interactions, prior to connecting the call.
  • Agent gets complete control over the dialing process to decide when the call is to be placed.
  • Popup form is offered based on database field
  • Offers efficient Multiple Campaign management
  • It is possible to integrate the dialer application with customer database as well as 3rd party CRM.
  • Offers complete Agent performance analysis reports.
  • Inbuilt facility of Disposition management along with analysis.
  • Facility of Call Back scheduling is available.

  • Easy of interaction :
    • Preview dialer empowers Agents with relevant information & previous interactions.
    • Agent gets control over when to dial the call this gives him time to understand customer needs.
  • Productive :
    • Preview Dialer, focuses on higher conversion rate by offering controls to agents.
  • Analysis & Reporting :
    • Complete Analysis is offered based on Agents & campaign.
    • Analysis reports based on disposition management.
    • Customize process based reports are possible.
  • Customize operation :
    • Offers seamless integration with 3rd party CRM application.
    • Customize popup form is offered.

  • Available in Lite version

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