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Today, organizations requires to make their business applications and systems to work in synchronize manner for smooth and automated functioning.
It can be achieved by establishing integration link amongst these applications/systems. Integration with multiple 3rd party applications will enhance the functionality, improve response time and saves manpower in many manual activities. Integration will bring in Automation in process.

Integration can be established with;

  • CRM application: for introducing latest must-have consumer features.
  • Database:for accessing and updating database from without allowing complete access to database.
  • Email Server:for delivering reports, schedules and notifications over Emails.
  • SMS Gateway: for communicating Alerts & notifications over SMS.
  • HR Database: for accessing employee details for configuring authorities and
  • Access Card system:for accessing availability status of employee/ students for enabling access.

Based on our extensive experience and in depth knowledge of technology TELESOFT is capable of establishing integration with wide range of applications available in market. Our applications are compatible to various methods of integration.

Email Integrations

Notifications & Alerts over Email
  • Our all applications will readily integrate with customerís Email server
  • This will enables user to receive notifications and alerts over email.
  • Automated email will be sent on meeting criterion of triggering events
  • Multiple such criterions can be pre-defined i.e
    • Periodic reports over email.
    • Budget exhausted
    • Scheduled conference call
    • Complaint ticket generation
    • Voice mail received on extension
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SMS Integrations

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Notifications & Alerts on SMS
  • We offers efficient integration with SMS Gateway service.
  • Notifications and Alerts will be delivered as SMS
  • Alerts sent over SMS in Real-time
  • SMS alerts can be sent for
    • Budget exhausted
    • Scheduled conference call
    • Complaint ticket generation
    • Apology message on Unavailability
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CRM Integrations

Establishes seamless connectivity with 3rd Party CRM
  • TELESOFT applications seamlessly integrates with 3rd party CRM applications
  • Multiple methods of integration are offered.
  • CRM integration is established for
    • Identifying customer/user
    • Fetching callers information
    • Posting calling details and analysis
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Database Integrations

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Efficient way of accessing customer database
  • Database integration implies the ability to access any source of data and use it in virtually any application
  • Integration with Customer database offers advance functionality and automation.
  • Database integration is established for
    • Authentication of customer/user
    • Accessing customer information
    • Updating the database.
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Access Control Integrations

Call Restrictions
Customised integration to Access Card machinery
  • TELESOFT applications are capable of integrating with most of Access control system available in market.
  • This integration automatically reports employee/ student availability to TELESOFT application.
  • Based on their availability, pre-set authorities will be enabled or disabled for individuals.
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HR Integrations

PCoreView ADD-Ons
Automated call back over Miss call
  • This integration allows to access certain employee details by other applications.
  • It will eliminated the need to manually transferring & updating employee details.
  • Change in employee data will be conveyed in Real-time to other applications.
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