PConference Bridge


PConference Bridge

PConferenceBridge offers inhouse Audio Conferencing solution.

PConferenceBridge allows participants to assemble in virtual meeting room from their own phone. In-house bridge solution gets over the dependency over any service provider.

PConferenceBridge allow users to schedule and manage pre-planned conference calls. Once in progress, multiple participants are able to call in and join without being manually added in.

Capable of conducting multiple conferences at the same time. Advance conferencing solution with in build conference recording facility & administrative User Interface for monitoring Live view of active conferences.

PConferenceBridge is scalable for upto 200 party conferencing.

PConferenceBridge offers solution in analog, PRI and IP technology.

  • PConferenceBridge offers two modes of operation
  • Meet Me Mode: Participants will call on bridge as per pre schedule conference invitation
  • Dial Out Mode: Bridge will dial out to selected participants on conference schedule.
  • Admin can view the ongoing conference through application interface
  • PConferenceBridge can host multiple conferences simultaneously
  • Interactive voice guidance is offered to participants.
  • Conference can be set as secured with unique PIN for every individual participant.
  • Facility of maintaining and updating phone book for ease of scheduling processs.
  • Voice Recording facility can be avail for every conference
  • Detail Reporting and analysis of scheduled and accomplished conferences are made available.

  • Ease of access:
    • It offers Easy-to-use web based user interface.
    • Phone book facilities eases the scheduling process.
  • Increase service efficiency:
    • It offers professional approach and edge over traditional conferencing process.
    • Automated invitations & intimation emails are sent once any conference is scheduled, no need to contact every participant.
  • Increase in company efficiency & Productivity:
    • It reduces Travel and facilities expenses
    • Multiple conferences can be scheduled hassle free by accessing PConferenceBridge application.
  • Customize operation:
    • PConferenceBridge is capable of integrating with business application to ease the process for organization employees.

  • Analog PConferenceBridge
  • PRI lines PConferenceBridge
  • IP PConferenceBridge

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