Click-to-Call Dialer

Click-To-Call Dialer

Click-to Dialer advance automated outbound Calling mechanism

Click-to dialer is fully integrated outbound dialing application. It proves beneficial for Sales team Agents/ CSRs to reaches the potential/existing clients.

Click-to Dialer established seamless integration with customer business applications, 3rd party CRM & ERP for automating the dialing process.

This Dialer offer 2 modes;

  • Click-to-Dial:
    Agents/CSRs can establishes the call over just a click on phone number/ Dial button from existing business applications/CRM screen.
  • Click-to-Call:
    Click-to-call Link will be embedded in SMS/Email sent to customers as part of promotional campaign or offer as call back option over website. When any receiver/visitor Click on this Link, system registers it as positive Customer Interest & Dialer automatically initiates the Call Back.

  • Click-to Dialer offers time saving and convenient way to establish call with prospective/existing customers.
  • Integrates seamlessly with various business applications and 3rd party CRMs.
  • This type of dialer can be efficiently used in promotional campaigns with valued customers, in finance/profile management executives etc.
  • Agent gets access to customer relevant information.
  • The call information is populated on the agent screen at the same time the number is being dialed by the dialer. Popup form is designed based on business process and campaigns.
  • Dialer offers efficient Multiple Campaign management
  • It offers complete Agent performance analysis reports.
  • Reports are available for every dialing activity.
  • Inbuilt facility of Disposition management along with analysis.
  • Facility of Call Back scheduling is available.

  • Easy to use :
    • Calling out is made easy with just a click and no need to dial out the number manually.
  • Productive :
    • Saves time on call dialing process.
    • Increases productivity by saving Agentís time in identifying customer interest.
    • Agent can only focus on converting a positive customer in sales.
  • Analysis & Reporting :
    • Every request is register with system for analysis purpose.
    • Required MIS reporting is offered
  • Customize operation :
    • Offers seamless integration with 3rd party CRM application.
    • Customize popup form is offered.

  • Lite
  • Classic
  • Elite
  • Web

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