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Computer telephony integration CTI, is a technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated. In other words it allow you to control your phone with your computer and vice versa. Establishing link over CTI will enable to do a wide range of things that will improve the way of telephony communication.

CTI applications provide the ability to,

  • Callers Authentication, by capturing CLID and comparing it with Database/ business application
  • Call routing, based on predefined algorithm becomes efficient.
  • Screen popup, offers to view incoming callerís information automatically on computer from database.
  • Outbound Dialing, agents can make calls from their computer with just a click of a mouse.
  • Phone control, advance features i.e., answer, hang up, transfer, hold, mute, etc. on desktop screen.
  • Agent state, information is logged i.e Ready, Busy, Not ready, Break, etc.
  • Dashboard call logs (i.e., call history, call recordings, call transcripts, call metrics) and other relevant caller data

TELESOFT is capable of communicating with most of Telephony System brands available in market. Based on this advance technology multiple functional applications are developed.

Soft Console

Advance functionality to conventional telephone
  • Its User Interface that offers additional functionalities to userís conventional telephone
  • Soft console establishes connection with EPABX over CTI link.
  • Phonebook & Dial-pad is available for easy dialing process.
  • Programmable one touch buttons.
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Operator Console

AcquView ADD-Ons
Fully featured Soft Operator Console
  • PC based console for operator to handle telephony activity with ease
  • Exhibits the advantages of computation power of your computer
  • It displays complete communication status to operator
  • Offers Programmable one touch buttons for Hot Dialing.
  • Displays Current Call status & Call History
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Traffic Analysis

Real-time view of communication traffic
  • Process the call detail records and events captured over CTI.
  • Provides the real time view of communication traffic of the organization throughout day.
  • It reflects the picture of office communication.
  • More than 22 graphical analysis reports.
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Screen PopUp

Screen PopUp
Automated Popup window showing the caller details
  • For every incoming call popup window will appears on associated computer screen.
  • Popup window will display the detailed information about the caller.
  • This will allows to offer personalize and efficient service to customers.
  • It seamlessly integrates with customer database or business application to fetch the required data
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Call Restrictions

Call Restrictions
Implements restrictions over calling features
  • Call control functionality of CTI enable restrictions on calling activities.
  • This will helps to manages call handling and call routing actions.
  • It offers to,
    • Bar-unbar the extension.
    • Forcefully dropping incoming call from certain locations
    • Disconnecting calls after set time.
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MissCall Revert

PCoreView ADD-Ons
Automated call back over Miss call
  • This applications displays the list of miscalls to supervisor or agent.
  • Automatic call revert can be scheduled for every missed call.
  • Missed call CLID is captured over CTI link.
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