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Dialer is an application that is used to automate the outgoing calling process.
Outbound calling is the interface for organizations to connecting with their esteem customers. CCView Dialer is an intelligent system that controls the outbound calls, made by a customer service representative (CSR)/ contact center Agents to increase their efficiency. This helps call centers to obtain maximum productivity from Agents/CSRs.
Outbound calls are made for;
  • Telemarketing- sales
  • Promotional activities
  • Collecting feedback & market survey
  • Fund-raising
CCView Dialer offers Multiple Dialing Modes. Every Dialer type address needs of different segments of industry.

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer
  • Preview dialing is the simplest outbound dialing mechanism.
  • It offer controls to agent, when and whom to initiate the call.
  • Displays customerís available data and previous interactions to agents before initiate the dialing.
  • This is ideal for contact centers that deal with complex sales where quality interaction is preferred over quantity of calling. i.e. Debt collection, Profile management, Financial trading, Customer complaint management etc.
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Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer
  • Progressive dialing helps to improve agent productivity.
  • In this mode, Agents do not have any control over calling functionality. Dialer initiates the call from uploaded number list, as soon as any Agent is available/free.
  • The call information is populated on the agent screen at the same time the number is being dialed by the dialer.
  • It is used effectively in campaigns where all calls are of similar type. i.e. Feedback collection, Survey, Promotional activities etc.
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Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer optimizes the agentís productivity by reducing the idle times between call connections.
  • Predictive Dialing mode works on an algorithm derived by statistical analysis of time durations and patterns of call.
  • Based on such algorithm, dialer initiates multiple calls when an agent is about to become idle.
  • This Dialer have highest level on aggression, as only live calls are connected to the Agents.
  • This ensures Agent can interact with customer and no time is wasted by identifies busy, unanswered calls, or calls answered by voicemails and answering machines
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Click-to-Call Dialer

Click-to-Call Dialer Add-on modules that can be added to increase capabilities and utility that enhances a primary program
  • Click-to-Call offers advance automated Call Back mechanism
  • This dialing mode is most effective for promotional activities.
  • Click-to-Call Link is embedded in promotional offer or message sent over SMS/Email.
  • If receiver Click on this Link, system registers it as positive Customer Interest & Dialer automatically initiates the Call Back.
  • This offers highest productivity as Agents are connected only with interested Customer.
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Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer
  • Auto Dialer is most effective way of caring out promotional campaigns without any Agent interaction.
  • In this mode, dialer automatically dials the numbers from uploaded number list.
  • It delivers a pre-recorded message to live answered calls.
  • Dialer identifies busy, unanswered calls, or calls answered by voicemails and answering machines.
  • Auto dialer can deliver,
    • Simple voice messages or
    • The call recipient can be presented with an IVR script that accepts touch phone responses.
  • Call Logs are maintained for unanswered calls.
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Blast Dialer

Blast Dialer
  • Blast dialer application broadcasts the voice message as per schedule or triggering event to predefined caller list.
  • User can trigger the message broadcasting by calling over specific Blast Dialer extension, for triggering the message broadcasting
  • Blast dialer can deliver
    • Prerecorded voice messages or
    • On the fly recorded Message
  • Blast Dialer do not require any agent interaction.
  • Customer response can be stored in automated log generation.
  • Blast Dialer application can be effectively used in processes i.e. Emergency message Broadcasting, Hospital Code-blue activity, Message broadcasting etc.
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