PFax Server


PFax Server

Solution that enables a computer to send and Receive Fax messages

PWebFax offers web user interface to every user for Fax communication. This allows user send or receive fax from their computer connected to organization network.

It offers to deliver inbound fax over email that eliminated any delay in fax distribution process and increase employee productivity.

Deployment of PWebFax helps to reduce expensive paper, telephony, and hardware costs.

  • Offers web based user interface with secured access for Sending/Receiving Fax.
  • Possible to send fax as email attachment to the users email ID.
  • Allows to send fax to multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Stores all received faxes in users inbox and can be accessed as and when required.
  • Maintains log of every sent and received fax.
  • Facilitates to resend fax to another user.
  • Reduce paper waste by storing faxes electronically
  • Provides facility to print Incoming faxes on a standard computer printer

  • Ease of operation:
    • Enables employee to send or receive fax from their own desktop machine.
    • No need of manual Fax distribution as it can be made available over individuals associated email address.
  • Increase productivity:
    • Increase productivity by sending, receiving, and managing faxes from any computer on organizational network and email applications
    • Multiple & variable Greetings can be assigned depending on employee hierarchy, Department and Time & Date of Day.
  • Increase service efficiency:
    • Eliminate manual and time consuming process of sending-receiving fax.
    • Reduces the cost of operating and maintaining fax machines.
  • Customize operation:
    • Fax Server application can be integrated with customer CRM applications or Email Server

  • PWebFax Analog
  • PWebFax IP

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