PAudium Selective

The PAudium-Select is a Windows based advance telephone voice recorder system that works with hardware and CTI license from PBX.

Suitable for scenario where requirement of Voice Logging End points is altering very frequently. It allows flexibility to administrator for choosing whom to monitor and when.

User friendly and secure UI is available to specify the list of extensions to be recorded. This Hardware based application requires CTI integration from PBX side.

  • Records telephony conversations of selected end-points.
  • Selection can be altered by administrator as per requirement.
  • Offers to barge-in live conversation and hear it with Live Play option.
  • PAudium Dashboard is an user interface with list of controls to access the recorded conversations
  • The built-in Query Engine offers flexibility to construct almost any possible query on conversation database.
  • On-demand Re cording facility, which lets you to enable or disable recording of on-going communication by dialing specialized code from telephone instrument
  • Recording can be scheduled as per the requirement or office timings
  • Facility of tagging additional information as Comment about the conversation to the conversation record.
  • On-demand copying your choice of recordings on a different folder on the same hard disk or any other hard disk on some or other computer in the same intranet.
  • Triggers Warnings & Alerts on pre-set criteria.
  • Logs each and every action taking place while execution to avoid misuse.
  • No limit on data storage as its stored on computer hard disk

  • Customer satisfaction & Loyalty :
    • In case of any disputes with customers on commitments, the recorded conversation becomes proof. It will help to settle the disputes.
  • Avoid misuse :
    • The Monitoring of conversations controls the misuse thus leads to controlling communication expenses
  • Easy to use :
    • Secure access with User Interface.
  • Productive :
    • Consistent systematic monitoring improves contact center performance.
    • Identifies the weaknesses in communication capabilities of employees
    • Helps in performance evaluation of your employees.
    • Helps to identify scope for improvement
  • Analysis & Reporting :
    • Agent-wise, User-wise, Extension wise reporting is available.
  • Customize Operation :
    • Enhances customer relations by continuously monitoring how customers are tackled by various agents under various situations
    • Timely assessment of conversation records maximizes revenue

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