CCView Blended

CCView Blended
CCView-Inbound solution is customer service focused.

It offers organizations to setup single point of contact for all their customers which efficiently handles and improves their incoming customer interaction.
Customers will call in,

  • To inquire about product/service,
  • To register complaints/ grievances,
  • To know the status of their product delivery/ complaints
  • To book order
  • To ask for assistance regarding services, payments etc.

Our solutions CCView, have proven to be effective in easing communication, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and ensuring better customer relationships.

CCView empowers the agents/Customer Service Representative (CSR) with advance technology and relevant information regarding customers and product/services.

CCView supervises every activity of logged in user and call activity for performance evaluation.

We offer customize solution as per the business process and structure. CCView can integrates with customerís existing CRM/business applications.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • PIVR will enable users to greet the callers 24/7 all 365 days.
  • PIVR welcome prompts and functionality can be customized depending on Date, Day & Time of Day.
  • Offers Multi-level & Multi-option call flow designed & customized as per the Customer requirement.
  • Offers integrations with Database, SMS or Email is offered to provide advance functionality
  • Offers functionality to collect information about callerís needs and depending on their IVR input processes it appropriately
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Dialer (Outbound Dialing)

Dialer (Outbound Dialing)

Connects Agents with customers by automated dialing process

  • CCView Dialer is an intelligent system that controls the outbound calls, made by a customer service representative (CSR)/ contact center Agents to increase their efficiency.
  • Outbound calls are made for Telemarketing- sales, Promotional activities, Collecting feedback & market survey, Fund-raising etc.
  • CCView Dialer offers Multiple Dialing Modes
    • Preview Dialer
    • Progressive Dialer
    • Predictive Dialer
    • Click to Dialer
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Agent Logistics

Agent Logistics
  • Agent Logistic intimates CCView with Agents presence.
  • Agent can Login with their unique User ID & Password to access the activity against planned work schedules.
  • Allows Agents to Login and Logout over CCView portal, over phone extension, captures from customer CRM.
  • Managers can choose what information is displayed for each agent based on Login Status.
  • This can include agent name and current status as well as login and non-active times for the day
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Agent Dashboard


Empowers agents with advance tools and correct information which will make sure the Happy & Satisfied customer.

  • Agent Desktop is the User interface for Agentís to access the system.
  • It equips agents with the right tools to improve their productivity levels.
  • It enables them to seamlessly manage customer interactions
  • It allows Agentís to;
    • Announce its availability to the system
    • Access database
    • Update database
  • Offers secure access unique User ID & Password to access the activity against planned work schedules.
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Screen Popup

Screen Popup

Automatically displays all of the relevant caller information on agent's screen

  • On every incoming call/dialed out call; customerís relevant information will be populated on Agentís screen.
  • CCView CRM displays Screen Pop based on; Caller ID, Callerís IVR inputs, ACD rules, Queue receiving the incoming call.
  • These parameters will be used to match the incoming call against a customer database or customer CRM to identify the caller before the connection is made to the agent
  • This will save time in manually populating the data and allows Agent to access the database.
  • Identify callers and the services they are requesting in real time
  • Allows multiple screen pops, based on the queue, ACD or specific parameters
  • Readily verify and update database records.
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Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisor Dashboard

It empowers call center supervisors to make critical customer service decisions in real time at any point in the call lifecycle.

  • Web based UI for supervisor that offers real-time view of contact center and administrative authorities.
  • IT helps supervisor to improve the contact center productivity, efficiencies and be aware of overall status.
  • Call Centre Supervisor client supports;
    • Agent Live Monitoring
    • Campaign View
    • Queue Monitoring
  • Supervisors gets view of day-to-day activities i.e.
  • Offers access to high level of data with ability to drill down as and when require.
  • Dashboard provides real-time information about agents and campaign queues
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ACD Functionality

ACD Functionality

An intelligent system that distributes incoming calls and routes them based on a routing algorithm.

  • ACD is an essential feature for handling inbound calls.
  • ACD works in synch with TELESOFT PIVR.
  • Multiple pre-defined routing strategy are offered such as,
    • Line/DIDl Based Routing,
    • CLID based Routing,
    • Campaign Based Routing,
    • Round Robin Style routing,
    • Skill Based Routing,
    • Preference Based Routing
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ACD-MIS Reporting

ACD-MIS Reporting

Collects, processes and presents consolidated telephony, performance in analysis reports.

  • This application provides important statistics and analysis on available communication resources, devices and employee performance.
  • Many aspects considered in analysis such as;
    • Performance of Call Queues
    • Service Levels
    • Calls Answered - Abandoned
    • Agent Performance
    • Resources Availability & Utilization
  • Through the ACD-MIS, the administrator can monitor the workload, performance of individual agents, as well as call traffic.
  • Offers profile based access to the relevant reports over web portal
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  • Wallboard is the easy way to communicate performance metrics.
  • It displays important performance statistics on available LCD Screen, i.e.
    • Service levels,
    • Number of calls in the queue,
    • Number of calls abandoned,
    • Number of Agents available
  • Wallboard communicates these real-time statistics with entire team to enhance team work and overall performance.
  • It offers alert/alarm indication for critical scenario.
  • offers customize wallboard application that can be displayed on any available screen in Contact center
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