PCoreView Addons.


This set of solution works on the top of PCoreView setup described above. It facilitates preparing reports to be prepared automatically on scheduled time and forward them to every individual as email attachments. It comes as parcel of two major components: PScheduler and PMailer.

The deployment of this suite ensures following :

  • Reports are prepared automatically without any manual intervention.
  • No need of reminders or requests to prepare reports in time.
  • Ensure that report comes to you than you spending time in preparing reports.
  • Facilitates viewing report from email account. Sitting at home one can see the reports.

Sometimes the employee information may not be available over AD/LDAP so we need to deploy this product to establish the connectivity to organization's Human Resource Database.

This module periodically collects the updated entries from HR database and uploads the same to PCoreView database. The advantage of this integration is to save the manual process of updating employee corrections in PCoreView database and to ensure that reports always show the current employee scenario.

Benefits of deployment

  • Ensures that picture of organization hierarchy in call data analysis always remain in sync with reality
  • Saves efforts of a person updating such moves and changes manually into call data analysis.
  • Maintains the accuracy of call data analysis
  • Call records are shown under correct heads so no complaints received from the employee about their telephone call statement.
  • Builds trust on the analysis produced
  • Call monitoring mechanism runs by itself since laborious task of updating employee configuration is automated.

This module establishes connectivity to Employee database of an organization by deploying Active Directory (AD) or Light-Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) protocols.

There are two major tasks which are handled by this module: One for authenticating User on PCoreView so that User can use the same user name and password across the different applications and other is for accessing additional information on employees so that Organizational Hierarchy in PCoreView can be updated automatically.

It connects to database at two occasions: one at the time of Login for authentication and other occasion is periodic where at certain interval of time it connects to database and collects required employee information from the

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